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The work herein is a small display of collaboration from different makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe designers, models, and assistants. My goal is to create images that will resonate to the beauty of the female form juxtaposing to the beauty of a landscape or otherwise contrasted.



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About Me

I am originally from South America. I finished High School there and came to the USA at age 16. The political unrest was a problem at that time (now, it is much better) and my parents made the decision to send me to the USA to finish my studies. It was here where I was exposed to many more cultures, different weather, and tastes.

I sucessfully finished my degree. My exposure to photography was in my teens but I did not really explored it until 1999. That year, I switched gears and I haven't looked back. I took some classes at a local University for fun but it quickly developed into a subject to pursue. It became serious when I apprenticed with an established photographer and learned, the old fashioned way, with film.

Throughout the years, I have seen and I have been exposed to the works of the many photography greats. I consider my influences to be (but not limited to): Peter Lindbergh, Mario Testino, Guido Argentini, Walter Iooss, Jr., and the late Helmut Newton. You might distinguish a similar approach in my photography. To this date, I use film though limited especially to B&W and slide film. My preference is little studio work and more on-location and outdoors. I travel...a lot. A “hired gun” as Newton put it. Learning is never finished on any subject and especially not in photography.

My main interest is boudoir, the female figure, and cinematic compositions for artistic collections and editorial/commercial applications. On occasion, you will see me still dedicate to photographing product (for commercial purposes), sports, and the occasional weddings especially for my models.

Weather and natural phenomena is a side fascination. Growing up south of the equator and in a desert environment, I never saw snow nor experienced thunder and lightning. I saw all those while in the USA. When my work allows, I do some stormchasing which I have been doing since 2005. I have traveled to Newfoundland to locate icebergs and some other self-assigned photo and video projects all over nationally and some internationally and overseas.

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